October 3, 2022

DADU: Sindh’s Johi city is facing a threat of deluge as unidentified men made a breach in the Johi Branch canal amid countrywide , it emerged on Saturday.

Hundreds of residents were trying to plug the breach on their own to save the city from sinking.

Meanwhile, the authorities made a breach in the Larkana-Sehwan bund to prevent floodwaters from entering .

In another incident, flash floods resulted in a breach in Dal branch and the floodwaters entered a grid station in Bhan Saeedabad and hit the city’s ring dykes. A large number of people have gathered there and are trying to strengthen its embankments.

It is pertinent to mention here that the water level in Sindh’s two barrages is decreasing rapidly, however, a high flood is currently passing through Kotri Barrage. The floodwater is overflowing at some points at the Kotri Barrage.

Manchar Lake’s water starts flowing backward

The diversions made in Pakistan’s largest lake, Manchar, did not work as the water levels of the Indus River rose and the lake’s water began to flow backwards instead of into the river,  it emerged on September 8.

The Indus Link seam drain near Tilti has cracked due to the pressure of the lake water, posing a threat to the city of Bhan Saeedabad, while the displacement of citizens continues.

Strong water flows from Manchar Lake have caused destruction, affecting more than 150,000 people in more than 500 villages across seven union councils in Sehwan. While the Pakistan Army is conducting rescue efforts in the affected areas, there are many locations where people are trapped in water.

A 150km stretch of land from Qamber Shahdadkot to Manchar Lake is completely submerged and hundreds of villages in the Khairpur Nathan Shah, Wara tehsils, Sujawal, and Dadu tehsils are now underwater. The bogies of the relief train between Budapur Railway Station and Khaot have derailed as a result of water on the tracks.


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